17 January 2016

Travel Essentials


Recently, my family and I drove down to Devon to visit my Auntie and Uncle as they moved there a couple of years ago. It usually takes around 5 hours to drive there so I wanted to be fully prepared for the journey, because I'm not a massive fan of travelling as I suffer from car sickness. This then got me thinking about what my absolute travel essentials are - and I thought that I'd make a list and share it with you guys! So here we go:

1. Headphones
For me, listening to music on a long journey is the best way to occupy yourself. I love putting my headphones on and daydreaming the journey away - I almost always fall asleep as well! However, don't make the same mistake that I did on the journey home; I forgot to replace the batteries in my headphones so I had to use in-ear buds for 5 hours! It's safe to say that my ears were a bit sore when we got home.

2. Snacks
Food is obviously super important - there's nothing worse than being bored AND hungry so small snacks and bottles of water are vital. Also, you don't want to be caught out by the uber expensive service station prices. My favourite travel snacks are a packet of crisps, water and some chocolate - yummy!

3. Pillows
I never go anywhere without my pillows because I just can't get a good nights sleep without them. I've tried to use hotel pillows before and they just feel so foreign and uncomfortable. So, I take my pillows in the car with me and use them for extra comfort for the journey as well as for the actual nights sleep.

4. Books
Although I suffer from travel sickness, sometimes I find that reading can distract me from feeling sick. To save space, take an e-reader (such as a kindle) with you - 1000's of books in one place! If books aren't your thing, try flicking through a magazine or a newspaper - there's plenty of photos to keep you happy.

These are just a couple of the things that I always take with me when travelling but feel free to comment below what you always take with you - I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

See you soon,
Charlotte x

10 January 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Shopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella


I've planned to do a book review for today's post because I ran a poll on Twitter and those that voted said they wanted to see more book and beauty posts. If you want to have a say on what you see on my blog then make sure you follow me on Twitter (@charlyblogs) because I'll be running more polls throughout the year!

I'm a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella's books and I've followed the Shopaholic series religiously for the last couple of years (since I first discovered the novels). As soon as I heard that 'Shopaholic to the Rescue' was being released, I put it straight on my Christmas list! The previous novel, 'Shopaholic to the Stars' ended on such a cliffhanger and I was desperate to find out what happened next. When I unwrapped the book on Christmas day, I was beyond excited because I realised that all of the questions that had been swirling around in my head for a year would finally be answered - I couldn't wait to start reading it.

Starting with the positives, I want to say how hilarious the entire book was. The main character, Becky, is full of funny one liners and her erratic, crazy approach to life is always hilarious to read about. Her husband, Luke, has always got a witty (and often skeptical!) remark to make about Becky's antics which makes the situations even funnier. Another great point about the book is the constant reference to friendship and loyalty. It's refreshing to read a novel that really addresses how important it is to stay loyal to your friends, no matter what they're going through. It shows that how ever busy and stressed you feel, your friends will always be there for you. It's such a nice message to send out!

On a slightly more negative note, I have to admit that this wasn't my favourite Shopaholic book. I thought the plot was too long winded and the story didn't seem to really begin until near the end of the novel. While I thought it was a good book, it definitely wasn't in my top 10. 

Overall, I thought the book was okay but I thought that it needed for excitement in the plot to engage the reader. In saying that, it hasn't put me off of the Shopaholic series and I will definitely buy the next one (fingers crossed another one is released!). What books have you read recently? Tweet me what you thought of them on @charlyblogs or comment below!

See you soon,
Charlotte x

3 January 2016

BEAUTY REVIEW: Too Faced 'Chocolate Bar' Eye Palette


Recently, I've become absolutely obsessed with eye makeup and I've been buying loads of palettes so I can create all different kinds of looks. However, the only ones that I've been able to afford are drugstore palettes from brands such as MUA and Rimmel. Although these palettes were really good, I wanted to test out a more high end palette to see how they compare. So for my birthday, my friends treated me to Too Faced's 'Chocolate Bar' palette which features dreamy pinks, browns and purples - beautiful!

BRAND: Too Faced
PRODUCT: Chocolate Bar Eye Palette
PRICE: £39

I researched so many different brands when I was deciding which palette I wanted because it's such a big commitment when they're all quite expensive! I wanted this particular palette because the colours suited my complexion (brown eyes, brown hair, tanned skin) and there was a good variety of light and dark shades.

I was so excited when I opened it as I saw that it came with a 'Glam Guide' which featured three different eye looks using various shades. This is such a great addition to the product as it gave me a starting point when deciding which shades complement each other.

My favourite shades at the moment are 'creme brulee', 'black forest truffle' and 'marizpan' because I adore the glitter in them! It adds a shimmery effect to the eye and makes the eye look larger.

Something I wasn't expecting from the palette was the delicious chocolatey smell that fills the air the minute that you open it! It's such a nice touch and makes the product so unique and original. I've since found out that the shadows are made form anti-oxidant rich cocoa powder which not only smells really great but also does wonders for your skin - an added bonus!

Overall. I would highly recommend this product as the shades are just so PRETTY! Each shadow is super pigmented, meaning only a few strokes of a brush need to be used to create a bright and vibrant effect. I would definitely say that the product is well worth the money, so if you're debating whether or not to buy it... go for it!

I hope you enjoyed the review and I'd love to know what makeup you're loving at the moment - tweet me on @charlyblogs or tag me on Instagram on @charlyblogs.

See you soon,
Charlotte x